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Acashic is a repository for Intellectual Property (IP). Welcome to the new way that content is both produced and consumed. We look forward to speaking with you and bringing your ideas to life.

We are both publisher and custodian of Intellectual Property

The Company is involved in IP transformation, IP Platforming, IP content production, IP data-encryption services, IP data- security, IP protection, IP development, IP custodianship, IP monetisation. Publishables includes motion pictures, music, apps, video games, computer-code, crypto-currencies, and books are both generated IP and custodialised IP.

Welcome to; The Design House. The Factory. The Cutting Floor. The Dissemination Machine. The Library. The Golden Egg. The Streaming Waters.

What We Do


Utilizing electronic devices capable of correctly routing a data stream consisting of data and address packets via the Internet Protocol.


Development of your IP into various formats that may include digital and physical formats depending on your idea.


Translating your IP into data streams readable by electronic devices and disseminating that information on various digital platforms for maximum exposure.

IP development

The conception, development, creation and/or acquisition of After-Acquired IP Assets, including the filing, prosecution and maintenance of any applications and/or registrations.

IP custodianship

The safekeeping of financial instruments for the account of clients, including disbursement;

IP monetisation

Creation of new sources of revenue such as royalties and ongoing development and production deals by unlocking the value of your IP.

IP data-encryption

Encode Confidential Information into a format that can only be read by those possessing a “key;” a password, digital certificate or other mechanism available only to authorized users.

IP data- security

Maintain adequate data security measures, consistent with industry standards and technology best practices.

IP protection

Registration, application, filing, prosecution or maintenance of a patent or copyright for Intellectual Property.

We Want to Hear About Your Big Idea.

We welcome ideas from every country in the world, and irrespective of your background.

Your idea does not need to be polished. As long as you have an idea and a guideline, we will look at just about anything.

We believe in transforming ideas into best-selling intellectual properties. You create it, we’ll transform it. You initiate the contact, we will soon identify and champion your abilities.